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Treating your cold sores

There are many people that are suffering from cold sores and if you have experienced how it feels like to have one, then you truly understand what I mean. You can imagine the Cold Sore Pictures. This is actually a viral infection and even though it is very much common, no one will love to suffer from it, as it is painful and embarrassing at the same time, causing the victim a lot of discomfort, depending from case to case.

The most common cold sore questions is if they are contagious. Because they are a viral infection, you should know that they are very much contagious and you will need to be careful in this regard. No direct contact should be established.

One more thing that you need to remember is to not touch the things that the person who is infected touches and of course, never drink from the same cup that the infected person drank from.

As such, you should know that the sores do not have a certain period of time that they will stick with you and they will disappear as randomly and unannounced as they have infected you in the first place. Even so, some people will carry the virus and they will not get to be infected. How come? Well, you should know that the virus in these people will lie dormant and in this state, it is not dangerous.

As such, you should know that regardless of how much you will be eager of treating cold sores, you will not be able to have them treated for good and you will only be able to make them go away for a while. If you want to cure them, you have a large selection of antiviral medications that you can use. Keep in mind that if you use an antiviral cream, after you will use it, you will get a stinging sensation. Those are normal and you should not be worried.

Even so, there is a whole lot of other solutions that you can use in order to have your cold sores treated. And of course, if you have a cold sore question regarding medications, you should know that there are also home based solutions that will be able to help you out with treating them. If after he will take a look at them, he will decide that they are okay, well, you will be able to safely start using them.


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